Things are moving on


Things are moving on – Lesson plan – and Fat Quarters

Well with a few weeks left before out lessons start we have had a few changes of plans regarding the room and how we want it to look, our old plan did not maximize the room for space, so it would have meant that the would also have had to be a compromise, which we felt this was not good enough, so we are not on plan 3. its a good job there are 24hrs in a day!

It its still very exciting and I cannot wait for the lessons to become a regular feature at the shop. I am just starting to work on a embroidery course, we have had a few interested in this, so I am hoping to combine a free hand course and a how to use your Sewing machines pre set patterns to help with embroidery. I think I need to work on the name as this does seem a little to long!

We also have had out first shipment of Fat quarters arrived and these are out on display, ill ad photos soon and also get them on the website. But we do have some great Peter rabbit quarters within the shipments.

Peter Rabbit


If you are interested in more details or if you would like to know more about the courses please let me know.

0115 9223904

Until next Time happy sewing


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