Does using cheap sewing thread really matter


Does using cheap sewing thread really matter


Does the type of thread really matter?

The question we get asked a lot, why do we only sell Gütermann Thread?


Gütermann thread is good quality has a smooth consistency and is reliable compared to other brands and alternatives.


The Thread Test: if you hold out half a meter of thread point it up to the light, in a good quality thread you will see, see a smooth even line.

Whereas with a poor quality thread you will see an uneven line and will appear fluffy and bobbly.

The effects that the thread have on your sewing machine can actually cause problems and it is the fluffy/bobbly bits that start to cause the problems. As you can imagine the more you sew, the more fluff breaks away from the actual thread itself and the inconsistency of the thread will cause the thread to snap.


Over a period of time, all the fluff creates build up and causes problems in the gears and around the whole carrier of your sewing machine, increasing the risk of the machine breaking down or overheating.


There are various threads out there that you can use and it is obviously down to personal choice but it’s always worthwhile investing that little bit extra on the sewing thread in the long-term. You’ll get a more consistent stitch that won’t snap, there for creating a much better sewing experience and finish to your project.


So that’s why we use and recommend Gütermann thread.


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