Bernina Sewing Machine Special Offers


Bernina Sewing Machine Special Offers

We are super proud to be a Bernina Authorised dealer. Even more so as we are the only Bernina Dealer in Nottingham.

In the shop, we have a great range of Bernina Sewing machines on Demonstration. These are the Bernina 770qe, Bernina S570qe and the Bernina 475. These are all available for you to come and have a look at and as I say have a play with.

So if you are thinking about buying a Bernina then please get in touch and have a chat.

Click here to find out more information on our Dedicated Bernina Sewing Machine offers All offers are updated each month. Any questions please get in touch.

Bernina Special Offers

I know that a Bernina Sewing machine is an investment and not one that you will rush into, (well you might) which is why we offer a non-pushy approach so if you are just starting out on your “I want to buy a Bernina” or if you have been thinking about it for a while please come in and see us. We will help you and guide you in the right direction and give you the honest advice you need with your purchase. remember that with a Bernina you will remember the quality far long then you remember the price.



Should i buy a Dressfrom or Mannequin ??

Should I buy a Dressfrom or Mannequin ??

We have had a great email from Adjusttoform which we wanted to share with you. We hope it will help you decide on buying or not to buy a dressform which will help your clothes making clothing alterations and I am sure much more.

Why Choose a Dressform?

What is an Adjustable Dressform?
A dressform is a three dimensional model of the torso used for fitting clothing that is being designed and made. Whilst commonly referred to as a ‘Mannequin’, ‘Dressmakers Dummy’, ‘Tailors Form’, or a combination – our dressforms differ from traditional mannequins. (which are commonly just used for displaying garments) by allowing the user to adjust the dressform to reflect their body shape.
Why should I buy one?
Traditionally when making clothes much of the process is done on a flat table, but this does not give you any idea what the garment will look like when it is worn or how it will fit you. There are also many aspects of dressmaking. Such as fitting zips at the back of a dress, creating a level hem or fitting a lining into a jacket that are very difficult unless you have four hands and a head that swivels 360 degrees!

A dressform is the next best option, it gives you the opportunity to work on the garment while it is in its natural shape – keeping both hands free to work on any area of the garment and letting you stand back to see the final effect from all angles.’s our top three reasons for why purchasing a dressform is a great decision:

1. It’s adjustable! – We all know the human body doesn’t stay the same shape (especially during Christmas time) so it’s ideal that you can adjust the dressform to reflect the ever-changing body.

2. It’s affordable! – Professional mannequins can cost up to £1000 for one fixed size. Our products are the perfect option for the home sewing enthusiast combining great quality at a great price.

3. It’s an Adjustoform! – We pride ourselves on producing the majority of our forms in the United Kingdom and set the bar for quality far higher than that of our competitors.


We at Sewing Direct have stock of the Sew Deluxe model.  This enables you to tailor trousers as well, therefore, making it a great all-rounder. Click below to find out more and visit our website.


Click Here to View our Recommended Adjusttoform



Looking for a new Sewing Machine?

Looking for a new Sewing Machine?

We have had a little play around with home screen on the website.

The aim is to make it easier for you so when you land on the home page it will be easier for you to find your way around.

The screen has been split down into Beginner sewing machine, Intermediate Sewing machine and Advanced sewing machine


there is also a little video trying to explain what each section is. have a look let me know what you think?


Sewing Direct – The Sewing and Knitting Centre


Does using cheap sewing thread really matter


Does using cheap sewing thread really matter


Does the type of thread really matter?

The question we get asked a lot, why do we only sell Gütermann Thread?


Gütermann thread is good quality has a smooth consistency and is reliable compared to other brands and alternatives.


The Thread Test: if you hold out half a meter of thread point it up to the light, in a good quality thread you will see, see a smooth even line.

Whereas with a poor quality thread you will see an uneven line and will appear fluffy and bobbly.

The effects that the thread have on your sewing machine can actually cause problems and it is the fluffy/bobbly bits that start to cause the problems. As you can imagine the more you sew, the more fluff breaks away from the actual thread itself and the inconsistency of the thread will cause the thread to snap.


Over a period of time, all the fluff creates build up and causes problems in the gears and around the whole carrier of your sewing machine, increasing the risk of the machine breaking down or overheating.


There are various threads out there that you can use and it is obviously down to personal choice but it’s always worthwhile investing that little bit extra on the sewing thread in the long-term. You’ll get a more consistent stitch that won’t snap, there for creating a much better sewing experience and finish to your project.


So that’s why we use and recommend Gütermann thread.


4 Reasons to Have Your Sewing Machine Serviced Regularly

4 Reasons to Have Your Sewing Machine Serviced Regularly

For most people who use a sewing machine, this is an investment they cannot do without. It is, therefore, important that you properly maintain the machine. If anything, since the machine can only remain in service for as long as it is able to function.

With proper maintenance, you will be able to have a clean and long lasting machine. But what are the subtle reasons why servicing a sewing machine is important? Read about them below:

Dust and Other Particles

When the sewing machine is left uncovered, it tends to attract dust and other particles such as pet furs. When dust, furs, lint, and other materials find their way into the sewing machine, they can adversely affect the inner working mechanisms. An experience sewing machine maintenance expert should be able to help you keep your machine covered to prevent internal damage. Of course, they know where to get the best covers for your type of machine. Covering your sewing machine is key, especially if you stay for a long time without using the machine.

It is also important that you get into the habit of regularly cleaning your machine after every use. It is not recommended that you use a can of compressed air but a diminutive nylon brush to remove any debris. Don’t apply moisture during this procedure.


A sewing machine has a number of movable parts which brush against each other. If left without oiling, these parts begin to wear and tear because of friction. An experienced maintenance expert knows the type of oil to use when lubricating your machine. If you are unsure please get in contact with us.

Needles Breaking Too Frequently

Never try to use the same needle for all your sewing. This is advice that an experienced service provider will give freely. The type of needle you use depends on the fabric and thread. The major cause of needle breakage is using them for the wrong purpose. Watch out for broken needles are they can cause greater damage to the machine. That is why you should replace your needles after every four hours of continuous sewing.

Other Issues You Cannot Handle Yourself

No matter how much you carefully use the sewing machine, it is still possible to miss a few things. That is why you should call a professional to help you with the service once in a while. It should be someone who understands the mechanics of a sewing machine. After all, you have done your best to take care of the machine. Now allow the professionals to also do their work of checking for things you may have no knowledge they even exist.

When it is time to service your sewing machine, make sure you bring it to us at Sewing Direct. We will direct you to one of our sewing machine repair experts for the best service. One of the other things you should expect from us is impeccable customer service. We have professionally trained sewing machine repair experts to help you.

Are toy sewing machine worth the money?

One question we get asked a lot is are these toy sewing machine worth the money.

Now there are many suppliers out there that do say that they have are an excellent quality sewing machine. Let’s put this into perspective – you have to consider that the suppliers have to put a markup, as do the seller and then the dealer needs their mark up as well. So when you take the actual selling price of around £60.00, how well is this made?

Personally, I feel that £60.00 is a very high rate for these kinds of sewing machines. I’ve not seen many of them work very well and the problem is when they don’t work well, the actual cost to fix them is always going to be around the price you have paid for the item. As I am the mechanic in our shop at the moment, I see a lot of students buying these machines. Yes, they are small, and yes, they can work well. But longevity wise, is it worth spending your £60.00 on this?

It is my belief when you are buying your sewing machine that you should always buy a sewing machine that does too much, the main reason being there is never any regret with functionality, you never really hear anyone say that they wish they have brought a machine that does less. Yes, there will be things on the machine that you don’t know how to use but it always best to grow into a machine.

That said if you are looking for a simple machine that can get you started, which is small enough not to take up so much room, which can make projects and alter household items, then you are far better off buying a compact sewing machine. We have some great examples in the links below of what we mean. All a little bit more than the others but as you will see they start from £99.00.

Ok, I know what you are saying, but that is more than £60.00 Duncan. Yes, you are right it is more. However, these sewing machines are SEWING MACHINES, and they are built to sew and be used. They have proper components in and, more importantly, if you decide that this not for you, you can sell it and make some money back.

Now that said, what we offer our customers is a part exchange scheme. So if you buy a simple machine and then within a year you decide that you want a better one, we will part exchange your machine for a new sewing machine. There are a few things we needed to take into account with this but get in touch if you any questions.
I have also been known to do this if you have not brought the machine from us. Cheeky I know but we do have lots of options.

You should have 100% peace of mind that if you have any questions or any problems you have got our full support, so please do get in touch.

Have a chat with us for a discount code as well?? 😉


Singer 1507 – Simple Easy To Use Very Basic




We are always seeking to improve and do listen to everyone who comments in the shop, so please feel free to leave us a review on the product you bought or leave a review on the service you received.

Likewise, if you have any questions big or small you can reach us via the facebook instant message service can be found in the top left corner.





which sewing machine to buy for beginners

What the Best Sewing Machine to buy for a Beginner?

We get asked this question in the shop a lot.

The first thing we do is to break this down into a few of areas

What would you like to do with it now?
What would you like to do with it in the Future?
What is your Budget?

If you plan to start with core household sewing, clothes alterations, then making your clothes, making your curtains.

Or you could go down the route of quilting, Home making. The list does go on. Which is why sewing is such an incredible skill to have.

We aim to give you a sewing machine that you’ll grow with.

Which is why a great starter sewing machine is the

Singer Confidence 7463

Easy to use, a range of stitches, Automatic Buttonhole


We have had very interesting few months.

We started with the Launch of our new website, which I am sure you agree is a massive difference and should make your buying experience a whole lot better.

We then go nominated for Singer Dealer of the month and will have an article in sew magazine, which I am sure you will agree is a fantastic achievement and great to have some recognization for our hard work paying off.

We have also been in talks to become a Prym premier store, which we will start to see in place in July.

Just arrived in store is the new Fashion Mate range from Singer Sewing


Coming Soon is the new Pfaff 1080s 


Don’t forget our mailshot as well sent out with special offers and discount codes.

Customer Reviews

Idont Wanto
Idont Wanto
13:09 10 Jun 20
Visited to ask about basic/beginner machines. Fantastic service. Wide range of products.... Will use again and again. more
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn
08:26 03 Jun 20
Fantastic experience especially considering how busy this type of shop is right now. ... Would highly recommend shopping here as the service was better than anywhere else I've dealt with of more
Dianne Purdy
Dianne Purdy
12:29 23 Mar 20
Duncan did a fantastic job. He serviced our 2 machines and repaired mine. We found him... professional, supportive and positive. Lovely shop. Reasonable more
Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis
18:48 27 Nov 19
Discussed the cost and practicalities of leaving my Bernina sewing machine with Duncan at... Sewing direct whilst I was away, before I left. Duncan kept me up to date with costs of replacement parts and clarified costings with me before going ahead. Machine ready on my return from my trip, and my Bernina sounds well cared for and smooth once again. Thank you, Duncan. Helen Lread more
maha hatem
maha hatem
15:15 02 Sep 19
I am so happy that they helped me to fix my sewing machine freely by chatting via... Messanger , they spent long time giving me instructions to fix it. They are professional and very supportive. Highly recommended. Contact them and you will be more than more
Chris Cann
Chris Cann
14:18 17 Aug 19
Excellent, professional friendly service. Made my machine like new again. £79 for... service included fixing problems. £2.50 for parts, though I'd expected parts to start at £10. I'm more
E Kebbell
E Kebbell
12:08 30 Jul 19
Very fast response to a query about which foot would fit my sewing machine. Excellent... communication and fast delivery. Highly more
Laszlo Erdodi
Laszlo Erdodi
11:58 12 Jul 19
Usually I just delete any feedback queries. But not now! I'm very satisfied with the... repair. It was fast and so cheap. I recommend for everyone!read more
Geoff rawnsley
Geoff rawnsley
15:16 10 Jul 19
I wouldn't trust my forty years old Bernina sewing machine to just anybody. It came back... from its SewingDirect service as good as it was the day I first bought it....thank you for your care!read more
Julie Pilcher
Julie Pilcher
11:30 26 Jun 19
Couldn't ask for better service, Duncan was extremely efficient and helpful throughout my... purchase, I am extremely happy with my machine and will definitely be a returning customer as I am now looking for additional feet for my more
Nicky Harrold
Nicky Harrold
07:26 01 Jun 19
Very friendly and efficient service. Although I’ve not put my machine fully through... it’s paces it’s running much better already. The whole process of dropping off the machine and collection was very easy. I really appreciated the email updates as I was overseas while it was being more
Dave Hutchens
Dave Hutchens
21:02 29 May 19
Pleasant transaction and very helpful, would have no hesitation in recommending Duncan at... Sewing Direct for all your more
Joanna H
Joanna H
21:58 07 May 19
Sewing machine service promptly with friendly and efficient service. Would recommend.
Debbie Bradley
Debbie Bradley
11:02 25 Apr 19
Brilliant and personal service. Nothing was too much trouble and Duncan was very... helpful, even carying my machine out to my car!. You are now my chosen service provider for my Bernina! Thank more
Chrissie Carter
Chrissie Carter
10:53 10 Apr 19
Friendly efficient service. Love having my machine back.
Barbara Lees
Barbara Lees
15:19 08 Mar 19
The Sewing and Knitting Centre did a long overdue service on my rather ancient sewing... machine and did a marvelous job. I used my machine for the first time today and it really purred along where before it was definitely clattering along! They kept me well informed with the progress of the service and it was ready before the promised time. An advantage is the easy parking outside or in adjacent streets. Would recommend more
Kesia Pain
Kesia Pain
14:23 30 Jan 19
I was very impressed by the friendly, speedy and helpful service. Thank you
Cynthia Lees
Cynthia Lees
08:42 05 Jan 19
Was able to park right outside the shop. Was very satisfied with the service and repair... of my Bernina sewing machine. Helpful, polite and friendly communication with Duncan. Would recommend this service to others. Thank you more
Stella Marson
Stella Marson
17:27 26 Oct 18
My 40 + years singer machine had stopped working for me but after SewingDirect replaced... some parts & serviced it for me it's running like a dream. So pleased I found this little gem of a shop in Beeston who also stock all sewing needs & knitting more
Joanne Baker
Joanne Baker
14:01 28 Aug 18
I found Duncan at Sewing Direct to be extremely helpful and generous in helping me find a... particular set of Dinosaur fat quarters I wanted to purchase. Despite them being out of stock everywhere he was able to source a pack from his suppliers and gave me a 10% discount code. This code turned out to be a £10 off code instead and rather than expecting me to pay more towards my purchase he very generously honoured the £10 off. I would thoroughly recommend Duncan and his company for going above and beyond to help me. This is definitely a business worth going back to again and more
Barbara Patrick
Barbara Patrick
14:42 10 Aug 18
Duncan at the sewing and knitting centre was always just a click away if I needed any... assistance. Yarn came very quick and was vacuum packed for ease of posting. I have not used it yet but colours are spot on as to sample shown on website. They also do fabric which looks tempting. I would highly recommend this more
Dennis Bell
Dennis Bell
18:03 10 Jan 17
A very good service. They were happy to spend time helping me find what I wanted even... though I was only looking for some thread. If you need to repair the sail on your sailing dinghy, this is the place to more
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