Bernina Sewing Machine

Bernina Sewing Machine


Bernina Sewing Machine is a Swiss brand, and we all know how good they are at building knives! 😉

Well, their sewing machines are just the same, very well built and are the top in the class for sewing machines.

In a recent quilting class the sewers where asked, what brand of the machine would they love to own?  The majority said a Bernina Sewing Machine. This from what we can tell unanimous around the UK and I am sure as Quilters all think along the same lines then it’s also across the world.

We do certainly recommend that if you have the budget to buy a Bernina sewing machine then do so, you will remember the quality far longer then you will remember the price you have paid.

Bernina has a sewing machine for any kind of sewing project not just for quilting. They have designed a lot of their machines around quilting as this does give you an overall great sewing machine.

New Designs

The New Bernina 5 Series is a prime example of the way Bernina are thinking with their sewing machine design.

The machine was sold out for most of 2018, it has been that good. The redesigns capture all the needs and want of any sewer, easy to use touchscreen, question mark button to help with quick-fire how to’s, longer and larger sewing area, Built-in walking foot and not to mention the BSR that comes with the s-570qe and other machines for Free motion sewing.

Where now

There is a machine for everyone in the Bernina Sewing Machine Range, Please click here it will take you to our Bernina specific sewing machine range page.

Have a look around when your first question comes along hop on the chat or give us a call.

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