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Are toy sewing machine worth the money?

One question we get asked a lot is are these toy sewing machine worth the money.

Now there are many suppliers out there that do say that they have are an excellent quality sewing machine. Let’s put this into perspective – you have to consider that the suppliers have to put a markup, as do the seller and then the dealer needs their mark up as well. So when you take the actual selling price of around £60.00, how well is this made?

Personally, I feel that £60.00 is a very high rate for these kinds of sewing machines. I’ve not seen many of them work very well and the problem is when they don’t work well, the actual cost to fix them is always going to be around the price you have paid for the item. As I am the mechanic in our shop at the moment, I see a lot of students buying these machines. Yes, they are small, and yes, they can work well. But longevity wise, is it worth spending your £60.00 on this?

It is my belief when you are buying your sewing machine that you should always buy a sewing machine that does too much, the main reason being there is never any regret with functionality, you never really hear anyone say that they wish they have brought a machine that does less. Yes, there will be things on the machine that you don’t know how to use but it always best to grow into a machine.

That said if you are looking for a simple machine that can get you started, which is small enough not to take up so much room, which can make projects and alter household items, then you are far better off buying a compact sewing machine. We have some great examples in the links below of what we mean. All a little bit more than the others but as you will see they start from £99.00.

Ok, I know what you are saying, but that is more than £60.00 Duncan. Yes, you are right it is more. However, these sewing machines are SEWING MACHINES, and they are built to sew and be used. They have proper components in and, more importantly, if you decide that this not for you, you can sell it and make some money back.

Now that said, what we offer our customers is a part exchange scheme. So if you buy a simple machine and then within a year you decide that you want a better one, we will part exchange your machine for a new sewing machine. There are a few things we needed to take into account with this but get in touch if you any questions.
I have also been known to do this if you have not brought the machine from us. Cheeky I know but we do have lots of options.

You should have 100% peace of mind that if you have any questions or any problems you have got our full support, so please do get in touch.

Have a chat with us for a discount code as well?? 😉


Singer 1507 – Simple Easy To Use Very Basic




We are always seeking to improve and do listen to everyone who comments in the shop, so please feel free to leave us a review on the product you bought or leave a review on the service you received.

Likewise, if you have any questions big or small you can reach us via the facebook instant message service can be found in the top left corner.





What the Best Sewing Machine to buy for a Beginner?

What the Best Sewing Machine to buy for a Beginner?

We get asked this question in the shop a lot.

The first thing we do is to break this down into a few of areas

What would you like to do with it now?
What would you like to do with it in the Future?
What is your Budget?

If you plan to start with core household sewing, clothes alterations, then making your clothes, making your curtains.

Or you could go down the route of quilting, Home making. The list does go on. Which is why sewing is such an incredible skill to have.

We aim to give you a sewing machine that you’ll grow with.

Which is why a great starter sewing machine is the

Singer Confidence 7463

Easy to use, a range of stitches, Automatic Buttonhole


We have had very interesting few months.

We started with the Launch of our new website, which I am sure you agree is a massive difference and should make your buying experience a whole lot better.

We then go nominated for Singer Dealer of the month and will have an article in sew magazine, which I am sure you will agree is a fantastic achievement and great to have some recognization for our hard work paying off.

We have also been in talks to become a Prym premier store, which we will start to see in place in July.

Just arrived in store is the new Fashion Mate range from Singer Sewing


Coming Soon is the new Pfaff 1080s 


Don’t forget our mailshot as well sent out with special offers and discount codes.

March Madness and Mother’s Day ideas


We are always asking to see projects that have been started and finished using the ranges we sell in the shop. So if you have anything under why why not post it to our Facebook page or email it to us.
We have been planning a few changes in the shop and these started in February, First we brought some new Yarn which she the start of our yarn all, we plan to make a whole wall full of yarn from our great manufactures James C Brett.
This does also leave us with a little problem that we don’t enough stock. To fill the wall, So we have brought in some new range from James C Brett Ranges to name a few we have Aztec, Woodlander, PartyTime, Harmony and Marble Glamour.
Have a look at our Yarn page for more information.


We also started to increase our Bernina range we now have in the Bernina 330, which is an Extra Level sewing machines and. The price is. Very reasonable at £649.00 this now means we have the 215, 1008, 330, 570qe and 770qe in stock and ready for demonstrations.

We are very pleases to announce that we are also hosting two Pfaff Sewing Machine Demo Days. There are two dates for you diary.

Monday 3rd April – Quilting Machine – Your chance to get an expert answers. On the top of the range quilting machines

Monday 24th April – Embroidery Machine Demo – Your change to go over the top spec embroidery machines

Not only is this a great opportunity we will also have the Pfaff expert on hand to answer your questions

We will also be announcing Pfaff offers on the day these offers will be complete one offs and will not be repeated so get your selfs down to the shop

The Singer Side of the shop has not been quite, we are very pleased to announce the new arrival of the Singer legacy C440 which was launching only in March, it as an array of exciting sewing functions and has a very nice throat for this big projects not to mention a nice sewing area as standard, have a look at this link For more details.

Singer LEGACY Model C440

And finally another exciting news we are now also able to offer next day delivery on all ordered placed before 12pm and all this will be free on order over £40

We are also expanding our rangof   Frabris with threat Jelly/ Fabric Rolls 20 in each roll and for a great price of £11.50

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list please let us know, until next time take care watch those needles

Happy Sewing

Duncan and Becky

January was Sew Good

January was Sew Good


It’s almost feels like January did not not happen as we had so much going on during January.


Mostly we saw a huge amount repairs and servicing come in, it appears that you all had a lots of sewing to do for Christmas which kept you busy not only that its now keeping us busy.


Not only are we online with we also have a fully stock shop, so if there is anything you like online you can always come and collect from the shop.

This also means if you are buying a new machine then you can try before you take it away.


We have been making great developments within the shop, which has caused a lot of head scathing and re drawing the lay out. We are planning great new things in 2017


Firstly, we are looking at adding another yarn range within the shop, we currently have James C Bretts range in the shop, but we are going to add another range, which is very exciting.


We have also playing with the layout within the shop, to try and git more yarn on display so you can all see what we have.


Along with all of the above we have also been adding sewing new ranges to our sewing machines sections and we are most excited about the Toyota Sewing Machine Oekaki Renaissance we have one on its way to us and are looking forward to it arriving, have a look at this short video.



Last but by no means least we have the lessons. These are going from strength to strength

We are adding so many new course on a weekly basis is hard to keep up with it call, have a look at our Facebook page for more information.

The new course we have added are basic clothes alteration, basic home sewing course, a get to know your sewing machines course.


I am sure February while a little shorter will still be a great month.


We cannot wait can you?

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