Sewing Direct – The Sewing & Knitting Centre Guarantee

Sewing Direct – The Sewing & Knitting Centre Guarantee



What do you want when you’re buying a sewing machine?


We have thought long and hard about this and the experience we want to offer you.

I’m sure you have looked around the Internet to find the cheapest sewing machine – which is beautiful, and you are more than welcome to do so.


However, let me ask you a question. What will you do when your lovely new sewing machine has a problem? That’s easy, you will pick up the phone and speak to the company you bought it from, and you hope that the person who is on the other end of the phone cares about you and your machine.


Well, this is where we at SewingDirect – The Sewing and Knitting Centre –  stand out, this is why we are part of the Top 1%. We will do our best to fix your sewing machine on the phone, so you don’t lose time. We work very closely with the manufacturers so if we cannot fix this issue we will find the answer.


In the rare cases where this does not work, we will arrange for the sewing machine to be collected (which is why must keep all the original packaging) and fixed.

If this does not work, then don’t worry and don’t get upset, we will get this machine collected and re-looked at, for free.


What more can you ask for?


Why would we do this? Well, we are a family business, My Mother is an avid sewer, in fact, she is why I am into sewing machines as well as fixing them. I wanted our family business to stand out from the others.


We offer a personal touch, a company that cares about you, your sewing machine, and the project you are working on. What is more, I treat all our customers in a way I’d expect my mother to be proud of.


Enjoy your Shopping, Don’t forget if you have any questions, press the chat button to speak to Duncan

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