Beginner Sewing Machines

If you are new to sewing or just looking for a basic sewing machine, these machines are the best beginner sewing machines in the great range of sewing machines available for you here at the Sewing Centre Nottingham.

The Best Beginner Sewing Machines

Whether you are just testing the water or already know you want to become a sewer, these machines would be ideal for you to get started in your introduction to sewing.

They are also great if you are an existing sewers who just wants a basic sewing machine to help with alterations.

The characteristics of all the best sewing machines for beginners that we’ve suggested for you below are as follows:


  • Simple easy to use
  • Basic stitch selection
  • Small and compact
  • Low cost and affordable
  • Guarantee and Warranty

Please don’t hesitate to call me or my team if you need any more advice in choosing the best sewing machine to meet your needs and budget – Duncan

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