bernette Rome 5 Sewing Machine

bernette Rome 5

A fuss-free, powerful sewing machine

A fuss-free, powerful sewing machine for high expectations and modest budgets. Ideal for beginners: the bernette Rome 5 with CB hook boasts infinitely variable stitch width up to 7mm. With 26 stitch patterns, 16 practical stitches, one buttonhole, 6 decorative stitches and 3 quilting stitches.



bernette Rome 5 Sewing Machine



A lot of quilting stitches
Stitch width7 mm
Feed-dog drop
Hook systemDrop-In
Stitch Patterns26

Improved hook system with drop-in bobbin

Enjoy quick and easy top loading of the bobbin into the revamped bobbin unit. The arrow marking in the hook ensures easy, accurate threading. The sliding bobbin cover means you’re ready to resume sewing in next to no time.

Infinitely variable stitch width

The infinitely variable stitch width enables you to handle even unusual sewing projects with precision.

Feed dog drop

Simply slide the lever to lower the feed dog for darning and free-motion sewing.

Automatic needle threader

Achieve quick and easy threading. Press the lever and the thread is in the needle – it’s as simple as that!

Free arm and full-length base plate

Remove the slide-on table for access to the bernette’s free arm, which enables easy sewing of sleeves and other tubular textiles. The full-length metal base plate provides a sturdy platform for all sewing tasks.

Seam guide right

Seam guide right

An invaluable tool for achieving straight edges and parallel seams.

Button-sew-on foot

Button-sew-on foot

This allows you to sew on buttons and rings, as well as other ornamentation.

Zipper foot

Zipper foot

Unlock your creativity with the zipper foot for easy and challenging sewing projects, as well as zippers and beading work.

Zigzag foot

Zigzag foot

The ideal companion for ongoing sewing projects, as well as for decorative stitches and patchwork projects.

Buttonhole foot with slide

Buttonhole foot with slide

The perfect foot for sewing buttonholes, with or without cording.



The bernette bobbins always maintain the thread tension consistent. It enables you to produce accurate sewing and embroidery projects.


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