Blanca Press for Business users



Shift those sheets, tablecloths and other flat items for your business up to FOUR layers at a time! The Blanca can handle it.

Shirts, skirts, trousers and blouses dealt with saving up to half the old ironing time. Parts and labour warranty applies to business and domestic users.

No one has time to waste when there is a business to run and the Blanca is designed to help with the laundry in a big way.

A dry only press (no steam) it can be used on items that are barely damp – that is “ironing dry” letting you stop the drying processes at the optimum point for the fastest turnaround. Absolutely vital at busy times.

The professionally sized and shaped ironing board is 78cms x 28cms and ideal for all types of laundry. Shirt buttons, zips etc press down into the padding of the board.

The Blanca weighs 17 Kg, has a temperature range of 50° to 190°C and current consumption of 1500 watts.




Fast safe and economical ironing and smoothing

Our Steam presses and Dry ironing presses from leading makers have been
carefully selected to bring you a choice of high quality good looking presses with full *12 months parts and labour warranties. All at big savings on SSP.
Used dry or with steam, presses are part of the modern home alongside automatic washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other time and labour saving appliances.
Each one is different to enable you to choose according to your usage, storage, and budget requirements.

All these labour saving ironing presses give clothing, bedding and almost any laundered items a professional freshly pressed look.

Steamers smooth out curtains, hanging garments and draperies beautifully.
Ordering is easy – just add your choice to the shopping basket or telephone SteamMe – the friendly way to shop!

Delivery to most U.K mainland addresses is FREE and prices include VAT and 12 months parts and labour warranties. A delivery charge may apply to parts of the Scottish Highlands – please telephone for details.

*Limited warranties apply to trade use

Some questions answered

What about delicate items and special fabrics?
Simple controls let you adjust temperature and steam to suit the fabrics being pressed

If I don’t want to steam everything?
Presses may be used dry or with steam. You stay in control. Presses which do not use steam are available on the site.

I haven’t got the space to store an ironing press
It takes less space than your old hand iron and ironing board and can be used on any firm surface with an adjacent power socket.

What are the safety features?
They vary between models but automatic switches are used to cut off heat and power if the appliance is forgotten.

How does a press work?
The garment or other item to be ironed is placed on the press table and the plate lowered onto it by using the small comfortable lever.

How does an ironing press save time?
The pressure plate is up to ten times the size of an old fashioned hand iron and usually applies around 100 lbs. per square inch. That is a lot of smoothing in one easy action.

What are the running costs?
The same or less than a hand iron


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