Best Starter Sewing Machine Pfaff Smarter 140s

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SMARTER BY PFAFFTM 140s has 21 stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches and a buttonhole. Features include

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Best Starter Sewing Machine Pfaff Smarter 140s

The Pfaff Smarter 140s is the best sewing machine you can buy if you are looking for a sewing machine to get yourself up and running.

Therefor if you need a basic machine there is no reason to look any further, with this machine you get more than enough stitches to tackle the basic project all the way to the advanced items you are likely to take on.


With all the below key features this machine is truly the Best Buy it’s also has an option tray to give you more room on the table.


With Smart Grip Dials Each dial shows stitches and numbers to make it fast, simple and clear for you when making a selection.

Snap-on/Snap-off Presser Feet to change the presser foot, just snap it off and snap the new one on. No screwdriver or other tools are needed.

Adjustable Needle Positions for exact placement of your straight stitch while topstitching, sewing zips or special techniques such as piping.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Adjust presser foot pressure for specialty techniques such as quilting and sewing stretch seams. Always a perfect result whether sewing light or heavy fabrics.

Optimal Feeding the Seven Point Feed Dogs support the fabric on all sides of the needle while feeding your fabric perfectly. Makes your sewing smooth and pucker free.

Accessories included

Presser feet

Standard Presser Foot 1

Clearview Foot 3

Blindhem Foot 4

Zipper Foot 5A

Four-Step Buttonhole Foot

Other accessories


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