Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine, possibly the biggest name in the sewing machine world. Even if you are not into sewing you will know the name “Singer” At one point in time Singer Sewing Machines were the second biggest name in the marketing world, Second to Coke Cola.

We are very proud to be a singer dealership and the only one in Nottingham. In fact, when the shop was first opened, We started off as a Singer franchise so Singer sewing machines are in the veins of the shop.

We have a wide range of sewing machines available on our website and you’ll be able to find one to suit you your budget and your project plans.

If you are new to sewing have a quick look at our blog, in which we help you with which machine to buy.

which sewing machine to buy for beginners


As soon as you buy a sewing machine from us you get an automatic lifetime support for the duration of time you have the sewing machine.

These means that if you have any struggles, Questions on projects or the machine does not seem right you can call us up you can give us a call.


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